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My Story

As I reflect on my life, since I was a child I've dealt with multiple health challenges from having my appendix removed at seven to dealing with chronic bronchitis in college to managing IBD as an adult. The Nurturing Way was born out of my healing experiences with changing my lifestyle to include a healthy diet, meditation, ancestor work, reiki, exercise, healing baths and other holistic modalities.  This concept was also born out of my desire to support women and their health throughout the life cycle and before and during acute and chronic health conditions occur. 

I believe in the saying, "Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine be Thy Food."


I am a Holistic Nutritionist with a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. I have an MBA from George Mason University. I am a licensed Nutritionist in Maryland and DC I am certified Reiki Practitioner.  I have studied aromatherapy, crystal therapy and other holistic modalities. I have over 15 years of experience educating clients and conducting holistic healing workshops for women.  I currently accept CareFirst Insurance.

Adjoa Oriyomi

Wellness Coach | Holistic Nutritionist  | Educator



Dr. R. Federick

Adjoa saved my life! I was going through a severe ulcerative colitis flare when I met with Adjoa.  She developed a personalized protocol that helped get my colitis under control. I will forever be thankful for her wisdom, patience, and expert advising as she nurtured be back to health!.”


M. Acevero

I met Adjoa when I was 3 months pregnant.  She has been a big support to me during my pregnancy journey.  She provided me with nutritional support that ensured my baby a healthy development.  She not only supported me from a nutritional standpoint but she also cared about my emotional well being.  I would consider her approach truly holistic as her focus was to help me create a balance between my emotional and physical health.  I would not hesitate to reach our to Adjoa for future prenatal and postpartum support.


T. Byrant

Prior to working with Adjoa my A1c and blood glucose levels were out of control.  She worked with me to develop a lifestyle plan.  Adjoa created a holistic protocol that focused on dietary changes, exercise and mindfulness activities. With her help and support I was able get my A1c and blood glucose in a normal range without taking medication.


D. Andrea Smith

For years I believed that proper nutrition was too complicated, and I was destined to keep jumping from one thing to another the rest of my life.  Working with Adjoa helped me to see that eating right for my body wasn't complicated.  I had to let go of the one size fits all belief.  Now, because of her guidance eating to support my body is fun and enjoyable!



For I was very impressed with the blend of the scientific and spiritual knowledge that The Nurturing Way's Adjoa Oriyomi shared with us on the topic of the The Transatlantic Slaving Diet: A Nutritional Perspective

She was clear concise and compassionate at all times during this talk.


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